About Me

about me

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by my site! My name is Morgan, and this is the home of my creative endeavors!  I am a freelance illustrator who has a passion for realism. I first fell in love with drawing as a little girl when my dad would trace Minnie Mouses for me to color in. I thought it was magical! After graduating from Minnie Mouse, I began developing my skills as a portrait artist and my work has continued to evolve into an emphasis in fashion illustration. This dual love of art and fashion led to a BFA in Fashion Design.

I am constantly exploring new ways to accurately represent textures and textiles through different mediums and techniques. I enjoy finding the sweet spot between the accuracy and precision of portraiture and the loose, instinctual style of fashion illustration. Creating art makes me happy, and I hope that I can pass on some of that joy to those who view my work.

I love to get emails – tell me what you want me to post about, ask me a question, or just say hi!

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